A Slice of Genius: Sourdough Monitor Cooked Up With Raspberry Pi

The sourdough bread craze from the start of the pandemic lockdowns has led to a lot of delicious crusty loaves, but also this ingenious device: a peanut butter jar equipped with a Raspberry Pi and e-ink screen, that measures the CO2 levels of your sourdough starter – or indeed anything that ferments in a jar – to let you know when it’s just right for baking.

The e-ink screen monitoring the CO2 levels

(Image credit: Noah Feehan)

The brainchild of artist and maker Noah Feehan, who blogs at hi-hi-hi.com, the e-Ink Starter Monitor displays the last three hours of CO2 production, and how much the sourdough has risen by in the same time period, and is the result of two years of bubbly-dough observation and experimentation. 

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