AMD’s 4700S CPU Would Be Decent if You Could Buy it Standalone

A Korean YouTuber has put AMD’s 4700S Desktop Kit through its paces. While the kit is only available to OEMs, the chipmaker has stated that we can expect up to 80 different systems to hit the market very soon. Based on what we’ve seen, it probably won’t make any best CPUs list, if only because it’s only available as a complete kit.

Initially, the AMD 4700S was speculated to be recycled Xbox Series X APUs. However, the latest photographs of the chip showed a shocking resemblance to the APU (codename Ariel) inside the PlayStation 5. The AMD 4700S is soldered to a motherboard the utilizes the A77E fusion controller hub (codename Bolton-E4). The A77E hub was paired with AMD’s A9-9820, the chip that powered the Xbox One S. That small detail lead us to believe that the AMD 4700S was somewhat related to the Xbox Series X’s APU (codename Arden). However, the AMD 4700S is probably defective dies that didn’t make their way into the PlayStation 5.

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