Battlegrounds Mobile India’s July update seems to have several issues according to players

Battlegrounds Mobile India which launched on July 2, saw one of the biggest updates being introduced in the form of the C1S1 update recently. And the introduction of the new update also saw some major issues and bugs being added to the game as well. 

According to reports from players, the unicorn-set outfits, a login reward, in-game currency or UC purchase, and more have been affected. Krafton has confirmed that these issues are present in the game and the developer team is addressing the issue. 

Since the launch of BGMI earlier this month, it has been downloaded by 34 million players already, which is consistent with the popularity of the game since it was known as PUBG Mobile. 

(Image credit: Battlegrounds Mobile India)

The newest update to the game was numbered at version 1.5.0 which is also known as C1S1 update and introduced Season 20 to the game. It brought bugs like players being stuck on the loading screen when their character had the Unicorn-set outfitted. Krafton announced on its website that it is working on a fix for this and has advised players to not equip this set in the meantime. 

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