Best laptops for engineering students in 2021

Beyond touting sheer power, the best laptops for engineering students must tick a few other boxes. Unlike the many of best laptop for college that mostly focus on balancing price and performance, these portables require the best processors and the best graphics as engineering students utilize such software as CAM and CAD, as well as do a lot of computational tasks, which are all processor and graphics-intensive. Therefore, only a laptop that can handle demanding tasks is good enough.

However, engineering students also need something that’s affordable, lightweight, and has long battery life. And, the best laptops for engineering students must meet those needs as well. They should be thin and lightweight enough to carry around the campus, and have enough battery life to last a whole school day on a full charge. It also helps if they’re built like a tank. Finally, they should be affordable – perhaps not as cheap as the best laptops under $500, but still reasonably priced.

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