China’s First Wafer Regeneration Facility Enters Mass Production

Chinese company Hefei Ultron Semiconductor Co has announced that it has achieved mass production on its silicon wafer regeneration facilities in the eastern province of Hanui. This marks the first such facility operating in China, enabling local semiconductor manufacturers to recover damaged or contaminated 12-inch wafers within the country’s borders. As reported by CnTechPost.

As is the case with any manufacturing process, semiconductor manufacturing does have deviations from the established “perfect” production scenarios. Even in semiconductor fabrication facilities, some of the world’s most tightly-controlled environments, there is still room to fail – whether in the wafer etching process that extract chips out of the prime silicon matter, or by using contaminated prime materials for the various manufacturing steps. Errors are costly here, and while some imperfections result in a reduction in yield (the percentage of useable, conforming silicon at the end of fabrication), other errors – such as contamination or power outages – can throw companies back thousands of dollars, undoing months of careful fabrication steps for a single silicon wafer.

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