Gigabyte Launches AMD X570S Gaming X Motherboard

Gigabyte today announced another welcome addition to its motherboard lineup in the form of the X570S Gaming X motherboard. Like all X570S motherboards, the Gaming X eschews the active fan cooling on the X570 chipset, giving users some additional peace of mind when it comes to an eventual fan failure. The Gaming X also opens up new options for cost-conscious buyers, since it will slot in below the company’s Aorus-branded motherboards based on the same chipset. 

Aesthetically, the X570S Gaming X falls into the industrial, black and gray color scheme, with an RGB strip along the right underside of the motherboard (in traditional orientation). Support for AMD’s Ryzen 5000, Ryzen 5000G and Ryzen 3000 series is available out-of-box – no need to update the BIOS before dropping in your choice of processor from these supported families.

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