Limited Edition Asus Gundam RTX GPUs Sold in Mining Rigs by Retailer

The market is still reeling from months upon months of the best graphics cards being sold directly to mining operations, not to mention scalpers jumping on most available graphics cards with nothing but easy profit on their minds. Now, adding insult to injury, a Vietnamese retailer has managed to subdue the legendary Asus Gundam as pauper slaves in pre-built mining rigs. Oh, how low the heroes have fallen.

As the market starts replacing its stock of available RTX graphics cards with Lite Hash-Rate (LHR) graphics cards, some brave miners are still investing in mining equipment. For those, non-LHR cards matter the most. And as a result, some retailers are looking to capitalize on the remaining mining demand by pooling together as many non-LHR GPUs as they can find, and selling them as part of pre-built mining rigs.

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