Psychonauts 2 proves that mental health awareness can be funny

The lights go up and Razputin “Raz” Aquato finds himself on an old-school television show set, complete with overly shiny algae-green floors, red draped curtains and a subtle smoke haze that has been coughed from a machine somewhere. To his side cowers Compton Boole, one of the original founding members of the Psychonauts, the international group of psychic secret agents that Raz is desperately trying to earn his place among. But, to look at Boole now – fearful and dubious – you wouldn’t think it was the same agent Raz had read about in his comic books. We’ve entered Boole’s mind and things are about to get weird. 

A goat hand puppet – sporting the luscious, Zeus-like beard of Psychonauts head Truman Zanotto – welcomes an audience made up of eggs, strawberries, bread and other cooking ingredients to “Ram It Down”, a cooking show where Raz and Boole are the only contestants. The host introduces the judges, made up of three more goat hand puppets taking the form of original Psychonaut members, each finicky, gluttonous and immediately critical of Boole’s efforts before he’s even begun. 

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