QuantWare Launches Commercial Quantum Processors

So far, quantum computing has been a prerogative of large and well-funded research institutes and commercial companies with deep pockets. But every new technology becomes democratized sooner or later and it looks like this is about to happen to quantum computing as QuantWare, a startup from the Netherlands starts to offers its Soprano quantum processing unit (QPU) to all interested parties.

QuantWare’s Soprano processor has five qubits with customizable topography, which includes Purcell filters, AirBridges, and QuantWare’s proprietary TSV configuration. Soprano processors are available off-the-shelf or based on custom target parameters, depending on customer requirements. QuantWare can deliver its QPU fully packaged, or as a bare die (with customizable size). Unfortunately, it does not disclose pricing of one Soprano 5-qubit QPU.

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