Raspberry Pi Pico Pong Project Uses Wii-Like Motion Controls

What if the Nintendo Wii came out in the 1970s? You’d probably get something similar to Nick Bild’s motion-controlled Pico Pong project, which is pretty much what it says it is on the tin. But instead of coming in a big, fancy, wood-paneled box like the typical Pong console, Bild’s Pico Pong does all of its computing off of one 2 x 0.8 inch Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Just…ignore the giant breadboards it uses for its IR motion controls.

Pico Pong project

(Image credit: Nick Bild)

Just because Pico Pong uses a modern Raspberry Pi microcontroller doesn’t mean there isn’t some old-school tech here, though. Better dig out your VGA cables, because Bild actually wrote a VGA generator into his Pico to display the game. Pico Pong outputs a 640 x 380 @ 60 Hz VGA signal, but if that resolution sounds tiny to you, don’t worry. Because of memory constraints, the usable screen size is actually even smaller, at 640 x 350.

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