RTX 3050 Ti Laptops Deliver Questionable Performance

According to independent benchmarking from Jarrod’sTech on YouTube, the mobile RTX 3050 Ti could prove to be one of the worst mobile GPUs in Nvidia’s 30-series lineup—along with the RTX 3050 it would seem, since that will basically be just as bad. Thanks to some lackluster specifications, the 3050 Ti is around 35% slower than the RTX 3060, with just a 10% difference in price.

In Jarrod’s tests, he used two identical XMG notebooks equipped with an Intel Core i7-11800H and 16GB of 3200MHz memory (running at JEDEC speeds). The only difference between the two is the GPU, one running an RTX 3050 Ti, and the other an RTX 3060.

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