Ryzen 3 5300G Hits 2.4 GHz FCLK Under LN2 With EVGA’s X570 Dark Motherboard

After briefly showing off the EVGA X570 Dark, Vince “K|NGP|N” Lucido has taken the motherboard for a spin. The famous overclocker pushed the Ryzen 3 5300G‘s FCLK up to 2,433 MHz under liquid nitrogen (LN2).

The EVGA X570 Dark is a premium motherboard that’s tailored toward extreme overclocking enthusiasts. We don’t doubt that the engineers have added some optimizations for memory overclocking. That’s not to discredit AMD’s Ryzen 5000G (Cezanne) processors, which have become the favorite toys for overclockers.

Lucido had the Ryzen 3 5300G was running at 5.5 GHz with its FCLK to 2,433 MHz. In a 1:1 ratio with the memory clock, this means that the Ryzen 3 5300G can exploit DDR4-4866 memory without any latency penalizations. The overclocker didn’t settle for sloppy timings, either. He tightened the timings all the way down to 14-13-12-21 (1T).

AMD Ryzen 3 5300G (Image credit: Vince Lucido/Facebook)

It’s clear that the EVGA X570 Dark motherboard can handle a high FCLK, though at the end of the day, your mileage will vary, depending on your APU’s IMC. Aaron Bakaitis, another overclocker, claimed that he got his FCLK up to 2,550 MHz or DDR4-5100 without breaking the 1:1 ratio.

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