The downfall of Cryptomining could finally help you get a GeForce RTX 3060

China has tightened its grip on its promise to restrict cryptocurrencies, with Coindesk reporting that Anhui, Gansu, and Henan provinces are following the crackdown in Sichuan and closing down any mining operations they can find in a bid to prevent a power shortage.

With Sichuan already estimated to be China’s most prolific cryptomining province thanks to cheap power costs, it’s estimated that the government ban could erase up to 90% of China’s Bitcoin mining capacity. It’s unclear if this will help in the long term as investors and miners will possibly look to relocate their operations overseas, but these policies should allow for some temporary respite on stock shortages.

You may have heard in recent weeks that China setting these firmer restrictions on cryptocurrencies is a cause for celebration among gamers and PC builders – but what does this actually have to do with PC gaming?

An Array Of Graphics Cards Mining Bitcoin

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Why do crypto miners need gaming GPUs?

Most of the conflict between groups is because of graphics cards; more accurately new GPUs released by Nvidia and AMD over the last 12 months. Because of a global shortage of silicon chips (caused in itself by manufacturing issues and high demand from almost every area of tech, from computers to cars and smartphones), there were already concerns regarding how much stock would be made available of new GPUs like the GeForce RTX 3080 prior to their release, especially because while they are still an expensive piece of tech, this latest generation of cards are more affordable than the previous-gen hardware. 

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