ViewSonic Keyboard (KU102) Wired Pillow Keycap


Nepalese Rs. 800 View Sonic Keyboard

ViewSonic KU102 (Black) is a wired Keyboard that design with a Splash-proof and Soft touching button. The Key Lifespan 10m million Keystrokes. The keys are made up of with Pillow keycap; means (keycap) a small plastic cover placed over the key switch of a keyboard. It consists of a 150cm Cable length wire.

What’s in the box: ViewSonic KU102 Wired Pillow Keycap Keyboard

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Brand:  ViewSonic
Model: KU102
Type:  USB Keyboard
Cable length: 150cm
Item Features: Wire drawing process treatment
Key Type: Pillow keycap
KeyBoard Features:  Soft touching button | Splash-proof design
Size:  44.07 x 157 .35 x 27.40 mm
Voltage:  5V
Current: 100mA


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